Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross Country

On Tuesday the 30th of August we did cross country I raced in the 10 year olds' race and I
came 1st.After we had cross country I was kinda puffed out but I still got up and continued to clap on the others while they crossed the line. I ran 5 laps around the field. I was bummed that we didn't race at Minogue  park because I was training for a while getting my strength up in my legs but it was cancelled due to weather.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wacky Olympics

On Friday Vardon school had our own Wacky Olympics. All of us had to try out for each event which was: Coin toss,paper plate discus,straw javelin,and wheelbarrow races.I was in the wheelbarrow races with Adam. We did this event because our topic was Excellence and sportsmanship.

Our country was Swaziland and on the day of the event we had to dress up in the colours of the country which was red,blue,yellow.

If we won any of the events or came second or third we would get a medal ,Adam and I never got a medal but we came fourth.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Museum Visit

1 Room 14 and I went to the Hamilton museum  we went because our learning focus was creative explorers.

2 I saw really cool art work on the the walls and a huge sculpture out the front.

3 The three things I learnt was art can be anything,we about learnt about Zena Elliott pous,In Zena Elliott artwork there is a lot of  colours and patterns.

4 My favourite part was looking at Zena Elliotts artwork because it has a lot of patterns and colours and a lot of lines in her artwork.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Flox Art Reflection

1 The process we went though was getting our materials. We got some plates and cardboard sheets then we traced around the plate to make a circle for our native New Zealand animal and we cut it out and then we had a stencil. Then we got  our cardboard circle out and sponged the background and when it was done we got the stencil of our animal and then we sponged that down on the cardboard  and added some leaves and then we were done.

2 The easiest part was sponging the stencils down because you don`t have to be careful sponging it.

3 The most difficult thing was cutting the animal out because it was so hard not to cut the animal.

4 The thing I like about my piece is the colours and stencils that I chose because they make it pop!!.

5 The thing I would changen about my Flox Art is my animal because it didn`t fit in with my colours.  

Monday, 16 May 2016


We have been studying Flox because she is a New Zealand artist that loves birds and nature, it was part of our topic.

She grew up in the bush and loves drawing about birds and other nature things.Some people call her the is also called the bird lady.

She was in Hamilton because she was doing a big piece of art on the back of the library.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


1.Our biggest focus of this term was collaboration.

2.My favourite activity was marshmallows and the spaghetti challenge we got eight marshmallows and a bag of dried spaghetti
and we had make a sculpture together we made a rocket ship with a spaghetti river and a car.

3.I enjoyed it because we got to design together and touch and snap the dried spaghetti sticks and make cool sculptures.

4.My favourite role was Media specialist  because I got to speak and explain what we had done with our activity.

5.The most difficult role for me was police officer because it was a bit hard to get everyone to do the right thing sometimes.